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New Collection: Spring & Summer 2022

Dear customers,

A well-laid table is the heart of the home for me and my family. A place to come together, to socialise and be with one another. We can enjoy the peaceful times together in this atmospheric ambience, make plans and organise trips. It is a place that gives me the opportunity to realise my passion for high-quality textiles. My favourite place for creating a new look in next to no time. Delighting family and friends with such new looks always brings me great joy. The easy handling of the textiles plays a role in this.

My team and I have once again created a multitude of themes for Spring and Summer 2022. With solitary flowers in fragrant colours, the Muntermacher series will break through the winter melancholy at the start of the year, preparing for warmer days to come. My absolute highlight is our new PURE linen article, which provides a sophisticated covering option for every table in fashionable colours. It combines wonderfully with many of our Saison and Basic articles.

You will find a rousing excursion through the most varied designs and colours on the following pages. I am excited to see which ones will delight you.

Your Joseanne Nusser

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Used Look
Wild Flowers
So wohnt der Sommer