With many years of experience and an instinct for innovative ideas, PICHLER achieves a balance between the traditional and modern. Manufacturing top-quality products, thereby setting us on a path to success together with our customers – this is not only our philosophy, but our whole corporate identity. After all, 150 years of company history have shown us that excellent quality never goes out of fashion."

Joseanne Nusser, Managing Director and Owner

Our values


By creating a variety of modern designs, setting new trends and developing products that delight time and time again, we are guaranteed to draw up just the right ideas for you!


Materials with the best properties, professionally processed and individually tailored to your needs – quality is no coincidence but the result of our attention to detail.


The expert PICHLER team is available every day to provide excellent service and help with any questions, suggestions and requests you may have. You can count on us!

Facts and figures

by Hermann Pichler
textiles factory
in Turkey
20 employees
at our Laichingen site
seasonal collections
inventory with
stock-keeping units
designs, colours and qualities
custom sizes
30 %
benchmark share
in the field of home products
commercial solutions

Company history

Fine table linens since 1866
Hermann Pichler opens "Handelshaus Hermann Pichler" on the market square in Urach, Germany
The company's own mechanical Jacquard weaving machine goes into operation – initially at a rented premises in Laichingen
PICHLER produces "Emperor cloth" (Kaisertuch) to mark Kaiser Wilhelm I's 83rd birthday
PICHLER is honoured to win first prize at the World Exhibition in Sydney.
The company headquarters, including administration and delivery services, relocate from Urach to Stuttgart.
1835 – 1887
Hermann Pichler dies in Stuttgart and is succeeded by his son-in-law Wilhelm Wagner, who has already been a partner since 1880.
Establishment of the PICHLER Foundation for needy weavers.
1895 – 1925
Designs by famous art nouveau artists such as Peter Behrens, Paul Lang and Hans Christiansen turned into colourful woven Jacquard tablecloths, mainly used in tea houses and conservatories.
pattern book Art Nouveau artist
Wilhelm Wagner dies at the age of 52; his 25-year-old son Alfred Wagner takes over the business, with his brother Richard as general manager.
The factory plant with its mechanical weaving machinery is built in the "Fölltorviertel".
Death of Alfred Wagner; his eldest son is only 12 years old. His wife, Elfriede Wagner, manages the company together with a managing director.
Years Hermann Pichler
1938 – 1940
The company's own weaving mill has 88 looms.
The last hand weaver (1942)
After a short time spent studying, Richard Wagner, the oldest son of Alfred Wagner, takes over the management of the business and consistently builds up the PICHLER brand in the market. Acquisition of the new residential and administrative building in Laichingen.
Re-initiation of terry towel production using modern terry towel weaving machines; the bedding collection is reduced to sheets.
PICHLER celebrates its 100th anniversary.
Years Hermann Pichler
Production focuses on table linen and towels. The PICHLER brand is commercially established and is known far beyond Germany's borders as "Pichler with the Flax Flower".
January 1983
PICHLER exhibits at the Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt for the first time. FLAXY 2000 is unveiled for the first time. As a result of this product line, the company enters the commercial market; over the next few years, this achieves a peak value of approximately 40% of total sales.
Booth Heimtextil 1983
Booth Heimtextil 1983
Richard Wagner passes on the management of the company to his son, Thomas Wagner, who was able to prepare for this position by working as a sales manager for five years.
The business focuses on selling table linen.
PICHLER celebrates its 125th anniversary.
Years Hermann Pichler
The "table dress", consisting of a festooned lower tablecloth and an embroidered centre tablecloth, reaches the peak of its popularity. In only eight years, PICHLER has almost tripled its sales.
Collektion Autumn / Winter 1992
Anabelle with Allegro
1998 – 2003
On the search for new drivers of revenue, PICHLER adds accessories, plaids, kitchen linens and sofa cushions to its range of products.
Collektion Spring / Sommer 2002
Collektion Autumn / Winter 2002
PICHLER creates non-iron piqués.
With a positive year-end balance, PICHLER achieves record sales.
PICHLER changes with the times: Cushion covers have now developed alongside the traditional mainstay of tablecloths into an important source of revenue.
Years Hermann Pichler
Used Look for couch & table
For the Start of the spring-summer season Pichler presents the new product range "Die Natürlichen" based on Garment Dyeing.
German Design Award 2019 for Used Look
With the new collection 2020, PICHLER establishes kitchen linen with fashionable dishcloths and creativly worked aprons into their portfolio.
Face masks for everyday life
In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, PICHLER is expanding its range to include face masks for everyday use. There are several different models available. PICHLER masks are comfortable and pleasant to wear and are made of high quality fabrics.
Joseanne Nusser joins the management of PICHLER GmbH & Co. KG. The educated lawyer is set to take the succession of Thomas Wagner and aims to lead PICHLER into a future with a deep passion for textile.
Joseanne Nusser & Dr. Thomas Wagner
Joseanne Nusser, who trained professionally as a lawyer, will be taking over Hermann Pichler GmbH & Co. KG. on 1st July 2021. The new Managing Director developed a passion for high-quality textiles from an early age through her grandparents' interior design work. Her aim is to lead the company to a modern future while drawing on decades of tradition.
Kitchen textiles continue to expand and present themselves in Kitchen Stories as attractive stand-alone collections.
Take some time to read our complete company history.

Our promise

You can count on us
  • Wide range of fabrics, designs and colours
  • Many basics also custom-made on request
  • Easy-to-clean, environmentally friendly fabric
  • Express service if products are required urgently
  • Our table linen is not only impressive at first glance, but continues to delight day after day, week after week, year after year. This pays off for you!
  • 150 years of successful tradition proves that quality never goes out of fashion.

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