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New Spring/Summer Collection 2023

Dear customers,

When the weather outside is still changeable and soft rays of sunshine hint that spring is on its way, it's time for a new look. Not just for the family - but also for the home. Sometimes it can be a challenge to combine different colour and design tastes. It can be an exciting process to find the right result. 
When developing new collections, we often have the same experience – exciting, creative and energetic conversations with one fixed goal: to invigorate a multi-faceted basic range with fresh seasonal ideas.

So I think it's all the more apt that one of our theme titles highlights this creative, exciting process and gets to the heart of its content. The "Dreamteam" spring range, for example, features expressive orchids and roses, set against graphic designs and enhanced by the delicate details on our seasonal cushions.
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Joseanne Nusser

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