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New collection: Herbst & Weihnachten 2022

Dear customers,

As the weather gets warmer here in the Swabian Alps, we are already preparing to send out our 2022 Autumn/Christmas catalogue. Holding the results of our creative and ambitious team's hard work in my hands is always a special moment. We put our heart and soul into reinterpreting each season in view of current trends.

This is reflected very clearly in our "Wild & Beauty" theme, as animal prints and leopard patterns are also becoming a theme in home textiles. The themes “Perfect Moments” and “Winter Days” have a calmer feel, but are no less individual. From subtle sheen to natural materials and colours, there is something for everyone.

My personal favourite is the IMPERIAL print design. What's yours? We look forward to seeing your selection!


Joseanne Nusser

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Used Look & Friends
Winter Days
Perfect Moments
Wild & Beauty