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Collection: Spring & Summer 2019

Dear customer,

PICHLER has been awarded the German Design Award 2019 by the Design Council for its Used Look for couch and table collection. This is a special award for excellent design and exemplary sustainability. We are delighted that our three years of development work has been recognised outside the narrower field of our industry.

At the same time, we are well aware that this 'shabby chic' collection may initially be a surprise to many of our customers. Some may ask "Is this really PICHLER?" I am the first to admit that we are treading a fine line here - a real challenge for a textile manufacturer like us with our traditional commitment to quality. But fashion has a life of its own and its groundswell has an impact on all areas of life.

I have personally experienced how the concept of "orderliness" is shifting in the interior design sector, not to mention the general notion of "etiquette" which we have long since given up. Ultimately, everyone must decide for themselves whether they keep ironing the table linen, the significance of textiles in their home and their own individual style. We have opened a door here and are pleased that our move in this new direction has been recognised.

Have you discovered the Used Look yet? We have marked in this catalogue the products which won the German Design Award. When used each day, "every piece tells its own story!"

Best regards,


Thomas Wagner