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Autumn & Christmas 2023

Dear customers,

As you probably know, our company headquarters are located in the Swabian Jura. The size of our city is manageable and nature is within our reach. I like to enjoy the forests and fields with my family. We spend our time together in nature in a very mindful way. A little break from everyday life - it always grounds me. Afterwards I feel focused and my family always seems more harmonious after our excursions together. I'm sure you often feel the same way.

With our new "Naturnah" collection, we can now bring nature into our homes. The designs and colour palettes take inspiration from nature and blend harmoniously into a wide range of furnishing styles. Elegant leaf motifs on a calm background combined with cotton and linen fabrics create a relaxed look and invite you to take a short break.

I hope you enjoy discovering our new collection. We have many ideas waiting for
you on the following pages!

Joseanne Nusser

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